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Nothing complements a new outfit or hairstyle like a beautiful manicure. At Serenity Hair & Nail Spa, our expert nail technicians have helped clients get ready for weddings, events and job interviews with nails that look healthy and smooth, but you don’t need a special occasion to our Chesapeake nail salon. Treat yourself to a manicure guaranteed to turn heads!

Our nail techs stay updated on the latest techniques and design, and we offer only the best polishes in a wide selection of colors. Choose from a variety of manicure options, including:

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are glued to your natural fingernails and then painted. They may grow out after two or three weeks, so we recommend returning to Serenity Hair & Nail Spa in Chesapeake to have the color filled. If you would like to have your acrylic nails removed, our experienced technicians are able to quickly and easily take care of them.

Acrylic Gels

Acrylic Gel nails are glued onto your natural nails, and then painted with a special gel polish. After each coat is applied, you should rest your fingers beneath an ultraviolet light for up to two minutes. Acrylic gel nails typically enjoy a longer life, up to three or four weeks. Most Acrylic gel nails can removed by soaking in nail polish remover, or our skilled nail technicians can remove them for you.

Solar Nails

Solar nails are the best option for women who like to keep long nails but cannot for many reasons. For this reason, they prefer using artificial nails on certain occasions. It has been found that artificial nails are not healthy. Along with this, most of the artificial nails do not give a natural look. Solar nails are similar to the acrylic made nails but uses improved materials. The material of solar nails makes it durable for sometimes over four weeks.

Serenity Hair & Nail Spa also offers these options:

  • Luxury Spa & Classic Manicures

  • Gelish, Shellac, and Kiara Sky Nail Treatments

  • OPI and DND Polishes

  • French Manicure With Pink and White Nails

  • Silk Wrapped Nails

  • Cat’s Eye Nail Colors

  • Nail Art and Design

  • Nail Repair and Polish Change


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

New customers receive 10% off their first visit.